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Founded in 2069, MDPL is one of the largest Nepalese alcoholic beverage company involved in the manufacture, sale and distribution of beverage alcohol. MDPL is incorporated under Company Act 2063 with the objective of production and sale of Blended Liquors. MDPL is striving to establish a world-class distillery and brewery that persistently offers great products at greater price value for our consumers. We are inclined towards the continuous evolution of our brand making it a synonym of progressive and distinctive.

MDPL is established to provide finest quality country liquor to the common man, who savors its taste, at the lowest possible price. MDPL is aggressively focusing on innovation and brand upgradation to foster sales. Also, MDPL holds ambitious plans for the year ahead and is hopeful of roping in some large size projects. MDPL is growing steadily and has earned a dedicated customer base. MDPL is the largest manufacturer of country liquor in Nepal with a sizeable market share. MDPL also contributes substantially to the state exchequer by way of excise duty and value added tax.

MDPL’s Head office and factory is located at Jhapa, eastern part of Nepal. MDPL offers wide varieties of best alcoholic products that come through its Hi-tech processes. MDPL has over 8 million litres of production capacity (annually). The company has a strong global footprint supported by a committed team of 400+ employees dedicated to fulfilling the company's mission of becoming the best performing, most trusted and respected consumer goods company in Nepal. The company has a strong distribution network and point of sale coverage. MDPL has been continuously engaging and persuading distributors, wholesalers and retailers by offering lucrative offers from time to time.

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Vision, Mission & Values

The vision of the company is to be the most respected Liquor Company in Nepal. It involves delivering in the following three key areas

• Through commercial entrepreneurship we shall create strong growth in market share.
• We shall increase our value share by building strong brands and
• We shall improve the commitment of our employees so that we are among the best in the in this area.

Our Diversed Mission

The mission of the company is about what we aim to be for our customers and how we conduct ourselves in our day-to-day business activity within the industry. We are excited about our customers and our products and we want to create good experiences - whether these involve taste, enjoyment and having a good time or punctual deliveries and good customer relations.

Our Values

• We focus on customers, consumers and competitors in every decision we make.
• We set our sights high, and give our all to achieve our ambitious goals together .
• We are committed to stringent Quality Control .


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Wholesale orders can be shipped free of charge inside ringroad of Kathmandu.


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Any questions regarding payment methods and payment status will be handled by our Billing department.

What We Can Do

We have a rich collections of elite liquors and regularly restock it and add new items to our assortment. We sell exclusive beverages either to individuals, commercials, supermarkets and wholesale buyers.

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Vision, Mission and Values

Good alcohol is something that highlights your individuality and status among others. When you feel elite taste, fragrance and bouquet you will return to this beverage again and again. So, you will return to Machhapuchchhre Distillery and enjoy its exclusive collection!

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